FOMO from all the flat iron waves floating around Instagram is a real thing. And if you're experiencing it, you'll be glad to know a new hair tool hit the market that's going to change your life. Enter: the Mermade Hair Waver, a triple barrel curler that creates small waves or a crimped effect. It's pink and perfectly simple to use—just watch YouTuber Kristina create S-waves with the tool below.

  1. Clip in Beauty Works Clip-In Hair Extensions (optional)
  2. Taking 1-inch sections of your hair, use the Mermade Hair Waver to create S-waves
  3. Spritz OUAI Texturizing Hair Spray all over
  4. Apply a dime-size amount of OUAI Finishing Crème from mid-lengths to ends and on the crown to tame frizz
  5. Run 1-2 pumps of OUAI Rose Hair & Body Oil on ends for a healthy glow

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This is the missing step in your flat iron waves routine