Never feel like going to the salon again for a blowout? With the return of our best-selling Volume Spray, you can do just that. Showing you the ropes to a salon-like blowout at home is celebrity hairstylist Irinel de León. Before trying the blowout tutorial for all hair types below, grab yourself a bottle of Volume Spray to add lift and bounce to your curls or to create a blowout that will last until your next wash.

  1. Spray OUAI Volume Spray directly into roots on damp hair 
  2. Comb through hair and section into four parts; clip away using a hair clip
  3. Begin blow drying sections with the Ibiza Hair Boar Bristle Brush B4 in a downward motion 
  4. As you move up in layers, alternate between blowdrying upward and downward to create extra volume
  5. Pro tip: Mid blowout, swap out the boar bristle brush for the Cricket Technique Thermal Brush 370 for added smoothness and shape
  6. Section off any shorter layers in the front to blowdry separately
  7. Spray OUAI Heat Protection Spray in a butterfly motion before heat styling for heat protection 
  8. If you have extra time, section hair off again and touch up curls with a curling iron
  9. Lightly go over roots and ends with OUAI Finishing Crème for a smooth, polished look

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