You’d be surprised at how often we get asked, "How often should I shampoo my hair?" In light of our newly launched FINE, MEDIUM, and THICK Shampoos and Conditioners, we thought we'd clear things up.  

It seems like the answer would be straightforward and as a general rule, we say every second or third day, but there’s just no way we could give that answer to everyone without a knowing more about the hair type of the person asking. After all, how often you shampoo depends greatly on the texture and length of your hair, how oily or dry your scalp is, and what your lifestyle is like.

When we say FINE, MEDIUM or THICK, we’re not talking about the volume of your hair (read: how much hair you have in a ponytail) or the texture, we mean the width of each individual strand of hair.

Why is this so important? Each formula is designed to address the major concerns of each hair type. This translates to different ingredients with different benefits and moisture levels--like Chia Seed Oil for FINE Shampoo and Shea Butter for THICK Conditioner--to create customized formulas with a simple solution.

Below is our general guide to how frequently you should shampoo but also, know this: there are no rules! Do you, girl. 

Fine Hair

Naturally straight hair is often fine too and the last thing you want is for your fine hair to look stringy, flat and/or greasy. Super Dry Shampoo can help with this, of course, but don’t be afraid to shampoo every day if you prefer the way it looks. As long as you choose a mild shampoo formula (and nothing that will weigh you down) shampooing everyday won’t do you any harm, promise! You could even try alternating formulas depending on the day.

For example, if you plan to shampoo anywhere four or five times a week and your hair is fine, try our FINE Shampoo and Conditioner for three of those days and MEDIUM Shampoo and Conditioner on the other two days. The most important thing to know about frequent washing is that your hair can get dry, fast. To prevent this, be gentle when you massage-in the shampoo and focus on your scalp, not your hair. Also, don’t stand with your hair under hot water for too long and when drying, consider switching from a terry cloth towel to a cotton T-shirt or micro-fiber hair turban.

Medium Hair

You can definitely get away with a few more days between washes if you have medium hair, especially if you have waves you want to define. On the days you don’t wash, brush through your hair at night with a boar bristle brush to distribute products and oils. When you notice your waves starting to straighten out from excess oil (every third day or so), you know it’s time to wash. Reach for our MEDIUM Shampoo and Conditioner, which has just the right amount of cleansing and nourishing power to leave hair feeling soft, healthy and shiny. 

Thick Hair

Thick hair can usually go the longest between washes, but one important thing to remember when you don’t shampoo as often is that your hair will have more product buildup. To remove this buildup, use our Scalp & Body Scrub before washing with THICK Shampoo and Conditioner. Also, just because you wash three or four times a week doesn’t mean you need to condition that often. You can always use a little conditioner on your ends, but for bouncy curls that last for three or more days, you really only need to condition only once or twice weekly. Redefine curls or day-two hair with Rose Hair & Body Oil.

Curly or Kinky Hair

Over-washing is the worst thing you can do to curly or kinky hair because it dries it out and makes curls look poofy and frizzy instead of smooth and defined. Curly hair, as a general rule, needs lots of hydration at all times. This is why no-poo (also called co-washing) is super popular among curly girls, which is basically conditioning the hair without shampooing first and can be done anytime between washes as a refresher.

The looser your hair texture is, the more often you need to shampoo it. When you finally do shampoo, which could be anywhere from once or twice a week to once or twice a month depending on your curl type, choose something that’ll care for and enhance your curl shape like our THICK Shampoo and ConditionerThis duo cleanses without stripping and intensely hydrates while leaving hair with a frizz-free, smooth finish.

If You Work Out Often

Many people think that if they work out a lot they need to wash their hair more, but that’s not always the case. Sweat and oil are two different things. Oil can clog your pores and weigh your style down, but sweat from a workout can be soaked up easily with Dry Shampoo Foam or Super Dry Shampoo. Remember: Unlike an oily scalp, a sweaty scalp won’t weigh your hair down or look as greasy. 

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