Show of hands if the perils of over-processing your locks and over-tweezing your brows are catching up to you. Sigh, same. And Desi Perkins is no different than the rest of us. The too-legit-to-quit YouTuber recently posted a tutorial of how she revived her damaged, once naturally curly locks, after months of bleaching and heat styling. Watch as Desi breaks down her current curly hair routine, featuring the OUAI curly crew (and scroll down for the steps spelled out), which replaced her high school go-to tub of curl gel.  

  1.  Start with OUAI Curl Shampoo and Conditioner in the shower
  2. After shower, use a Wet Brush Detangler to brush the ends first then from the roots and through
  3. Use OUAI Leave In Conditioner all over to smooth frizzies
  4. Flip head over and scrunch a handful of OUAI Curl Jelly into hair, making sure to cover every part
  5. Lightly scrunch with a towel to absorb some of the moisture 
  6. Use the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer and Diffuser Attachment on low heat to and diffuse curls all over
  7. Lightly scrunch hair again with hands
  8. Go in with a 1/4" inch curling iron to define random, limp pieces
  9. Tease hair at the crown roots with the Balmain Golden Styling Comb for extra oomph
  10. Apply one squirt of OUAI Hair Oil to ends for shine and softness 


Shop Desi's curly routine below

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