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A Gift Guide for the Perfume and Candle Lovers in Your Life

A Gift Guide for the Perfume and Candle Lovers in Your Life

Our fragrances are our claim to fame, which is why we made our bestselling perfumes–Melrose Place and North Bondi–into luxury scented candles that leave you money to burn. If you're looking for a OUAI unforgettable holiday gift to give the perfume lovers and candle lovers, then this makes perfect scents. Keep reading to explore our limited edition holiday gift sets that save you up to 25% and family of full-size and travel-size fragrances. Plus, stick around at the end as we share tips for making your perfume last longer and all the OUAIs you're lighting your candle wrong.

ouai melrose place perfume candle holiday gift set for beauty lovers perfume loversIf they love: Fresh, floral notes, valet parking, and LA sunsets.
Then they’ll love: Melrose Place Both OUAIs, a $64 value for $48.
Transport them all the OUAI to LA with this limited edition holiday gift set featuring OUAI's lux Melrose Place Candle and Travel Eau de Parfum Fragrance.

ouai north bondi perfume candle holiday gift ideas for perfume lovers candle loversIf they love: Rich florals and sheer white musk, beachy vibes, and going from day to night.
Then they’ll love: North Bondi Both OUAIs, a $64 value for $48.
Whisk them a-OUAI to the beach with this limited edition holiday gift set featuring OUAI's lux North Bondi Candle and Travel Eau de Parfum.

ouai rue st honore perfume sophisticated floral perfume holiday gifts for perfume loversIf they love: Sophisticated floral notes and Parisian cafés.
Then they’ll love: Rue St Honoré Eau de Parfum, $56 for full size/$20 for travel.
They’ll fall in Louvre with this French-inspired perfume that combines notes of violet, gardenia, ylang ylang, and white musk.


ouai dean street perfume citrus floral fragrance holiday gift ideas perfume loversIf they love: Citrus and floral notes, a boost of energy, and jet setting.
Then they’ll love: Dean Street Eau de Parfum, $56 for full size/$20 for travel.
This royally good fragrance inspired by our favorite street in London includes notes of citrus fruits, apricot, rose, magnolia, amber, linden blossom, and musk.

ouai north bondi candle melrose place candle soy coconut wax holiday gift ideas candle loversIf they love: Big wick energy and never need a reason to light a candle.
Then they’ll love: Light the OUAI, an $88 value for $75.
Spark joy with this limited edition holiday candle gift set that includes our premium scented candles, Melrose Place Candle and North Bondi Candle, featuring a coconut and soy based wax and 55-hour clean burn.

ouai relaxed holiday gift set bath bomb lovers self care lover gift ideas body scrub ouai candleIf they love: Turning their bathroom into a self-care o-OUAI-sis.
Then they’ll love: OUAI Relaxed, a $112 value for $85.
This limited edition holiday gift set features our Jasmine Rose-scented adult bath bombs Chill Pills, deep-cleansing Scalp & Body Scrub, and your choice of our either Melrose Place Candle or North Bondi Candle.

Make Your Perfume Last OUAI Longer

  • When applying, target pulse points and warm areas like your wrists, inside your elbows, on your neck, and behind your knees.
  • The molecules in the fragrance bind to the oils in your skin, so try layering your fragrance on top of body oil or lotion.
  • The best time to apply fragrance is right after you shower while your skin is still damp. The moisture on your skin will help lock in the scent.
Make Your Candle Burn Just Right
  • Don’t blow out your candle. Use a candle snuffer instead to help preserve the integrity of your wick.
  • When you're ready to re-light your candle, trim the wick so that ¼ of an inch is exposed through the wax.
  • When your candle’s life is coming to an end, the vessel's life is just getting started. Clean out the vessel and use it for make-up brushes, pens/pencils, art supplies, or anything your heart desires.

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