Hi, I'm Iffat Khan, a Canada-based content creator, IBM analyst, actor, and the writer behind @thevenuslover. Here I’m going to share with you three simple how-tos for short, fine hair types, starting with my signature heatless waves using a bathrobe waistband. Plus two effortless that each don’t take more than 10 minutes—a half-up, half-down bun and a peekaboo side braid. These hairstyles are best done on clean and blow-dried hair because that way they maintain their shape for a longer period. For reference, my hair is very fine and smooth. I have pretty thick bangs and a feathered bob cut. Now let’s get started.  

summer heatless hairstyle for fine hair types how to ouai fine hair shampoo iffat khan

How-To: Prep the Hair

Step 1: Since I have very fine hair, I use the OUAI FINE Shampoo and Conditioner, which are specially made for fine hair. OUAI has many other variants that you can check out for your hair type.

A little tip for adding shine to your hair--use OUAI Treatment Masque and keep it on for 20-30 minutes. I have been using this once or twice a week for over a month now and my hair has started feeling pretty healthy. 

heatless hairstyle tutorials ouai leave in conditioner iffy khan

For easy detangling of wet hair, I like to use the OUAI Leave In Conditioner on my damp hair and let it soak under the towel for 5 minutes then I’m ready to go.

Step 2: Since all sorts of short hairstyles look so much better on wavy-curly hair, I have found a trick to go about curling my hair almost every day without having to use heat tools...using a bathrobe waistband. 

summer heatless curls how to ouai wave spray ouai volume spray iffat khan

How-To: Heatless Curls Using a Bathrobe Waistband

I create these curls without using any heat tools as I have learnt to use a bathrobe waistband instead! Curling with this band is super easy and if you want to learn more about it, here you go:
  1. I spray OUAI Wave Spray and OUAI Volume Spray on my damp hair before rough drying my hair for added volume.
  2. Once the hair is completely dry, I start by making a center partition for my hair and clipping the band on the top of my head in a way that the band falls equally to either side of the head. 
  3. I start taking sections of hair (depending on the desired size of curls), run it over the band, bring it back under and wind it around the band completely. I repeat this for all the remaining hair sections on both sides of the hair partition until I run out of hair. I secure all the rolled sections with one scrunchie on both sides.
  4. I give it a final twist by rolling the band to fashion a bit of a headphone look on the sides of my head and secure both the buns with a scrunchie. 
  5. I leave it overnight, and the next morning I untie them to reveal my beautiful curls.

How-To: Half-Up, Half-Down Bun

heatless summer hairstyle how to half up half down topknot ouai haircare iffat khan 1

    Step 1: I start by taking the crown section of my hair and leave the other half of my hair down. For more body, I spray OUAI Volumizing Hair Spray at the root.

    heatless summer hairstyle how to half up half down topknot ouai haircare iffat khan bangs hair ideas

    Step 2: I braid down this crown section of hair until I reach the bottom. Always secure the braid with a scrunchie.

    heatless summer hairstyle how to half up half down topknot ouai haircare iffat khan

    Step 3: Now I create a bun by rolling the braid in a bun-like shape. Making a braided bun makes the bun look much thicker. To add texture to the bun,  spray OUAI Texturizing Hair Spray. To keep the bun from falling, throw one or two bobby pins on it.

    heatless summer hairstyle how to half up half down topknot ouai texturizing hair spray iffat khan

    Step 4: To make my curls look more voluminous and to add texture to it, I love using the OUAI Volumizing Hair Spray and OUAI Texturizing Hair Spray. I also like to use Gisou Honey Infused Hair Oil to nourish the curls. For the complete effect, I spray the Volumizing Hair Spray on each section of my hair one by one. For a bouncy look, it's best to spray under the strand of hair. 

    Bangs Tip: To give a body to my bangs, I use the OUAI Dry Texture Foam. This foam creates the perfect weightless and beachy look to both long and short bangs. You can also use the DTF on your curls for an added after-beach party look. Simply massage a little amount in the desirable hair section. Trust me, no matter how windy your destination is, your hair will stay intact--I've tried it.

    How-To: Peekaboo Side Braid

    heatless summer side braids heatless curls how to ouai haircare iffat khan

    Step 1: Part your hair from the center. Take three strands of hair from one side of the hair.

    heatless summer side braids how to ouai haircare iffat khan 2

    Step 2: Cris-cross the sections into each other until you reach the tip. Don't forget to secure the tip with a scrunchie.

    Step 3: Repeat crisscrossing of the hair sections for the other side of your hair as well.

    heatless summer side braids how to ouai haircare iffat khan 1Step 4: Lastly, clip these braids from the sides of your ear to the back of your head. Tip: To do a french tail, keep on adding more strands of hair from the leftover hair into your braid.

    heatless summer side braids how to ouai haircare iffat khan

    Step 5: After braiding, use your fingers to pluck out the hair a little from the braid to make it look fuller.

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