Tell us to massage a cup of pumpkin puree into our scalp, we won’t flinch. Spread an egg yolk concoction over our hair, we’re still not cringing. Say the result will be luminous, freshly colored-looking locks and there’s little we won’t try (unless you’re already hooked on Treatment Mask!). The truth is, dazzling locks don’t require a peek in your fridge or pantry, nope, just a quick gloss does the trick. Not sure what that is? Allow Cherin Choi, the wildly popular hair colorist on Instagram who paints manes out of Benjamin Salon in DTLA, SF, NY, and Mexico, to explain—ahead, she answers all our questions about glosses, the overlooked secret to super shiny hair.

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Exactly what is a hair gloss?

Glossing is a way to adjust the tone of your hair. It can make your hair darker, warmer, ashier, brighter or just shiny! It conditions the hair by filling the hair with the desired results. 

Can people with virgin hair get a gloss or does it only work on colored hair?

Virgin-haired clients can definitely get a gloss. If you want to add richness or depth to your color without committing to something major, a gloss is the way to go!

Is a gloss temporary or permanent?

Temporary, 8-12 weeks.

How long does it take to apply a gloss?

The whole appointment is about 30 minutes. 


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What effects, if any, does a gloss have on hair other than making it look shiny?

It can change the color of your hair to your desired goal. 

Does a gloss require heat? If so, what kind?

It can be used with heat, but it's not required. 

How much damage, if any, does a gloss cause the hair?
In the color world, a gloss does the most minimal damage to hair. 

Can you get a gloss if you have straight, fine hair, or will a gloss make it flatter?

Everyone is a good candidate for a gloss.  

Will a gloss loosen or disrupt the curl pattern if you have curly, coarse hair?

Use Olapex with the gloss if there's a concern for the curl pattern. 


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What are some tips for getting the most out of your gloss/making it last longer?

Let the color settle in. Try not to wash your hair too soon after. Try cold or cooler water hair washing, and use sulfate-free products. 

On average, how long before a gloss starts fading?

With every wash the gloss will slowly wash out. 

What are the best shampoo and conditioner for maintaining a gloss?

I like Davines shampoos and conditioners. Find one for your hair type!


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