Pump it up, pretty—Volumizing Hair Spray just pranced onto the site so you can get the body you've always wanted, no squats required. One powerful blast of our amplifying hair spray full of volumizing polymers will result in mind-blowingly mammoth volume. Not to be confused with Volume Spray (which is meant to be used on towel-dried strands), Volumizing Hair Spray should be used on dry hair only (more on that here).

OUAI Volumizing Hair Spray Jen Atkin

Like a tease in a can, Volumizing Hair Spray's gravity-defying formula fights limp and fine hair (plus every hair type in between) with helping hands from volumizing polymers that cling to hair and freeze strands in a sky-high state; vitamin E that protects hair against future heat damage; and panthenol, which conditions and adds a healthy sheen. 

Gone are the days of your locks letting you down, literally. This doozy of a hair spray is a walking billboard against self-deflating strands. Not only does VHS deliver instant lift and scaffolding, it ensures your mane stays that OUAI all day. To use, lather up in the shower with OUAI Volume Shampoo and Conditioner then separate dry hair into sections, spray VHS at the root and scrunch for instant lift. For all-over added thickness, lift hair and spray from root to ends. 

OUAI Volumizing Hair Spray Jen Atkin

And once you've sprayed your OUAI to the top, you'll wanna take a sec times 70 to indulge in VHS's scent—our signature Melrose Place fragrance, containing notes of Rose, Bergamot, Lychee, Cedar-wood, and White Musk.  

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Watch this VHS tutorial to get hair higher than your credit card limit