On a scale of 1 to cutting your own hair in quarantine, how are you doing? Maybe you gave yourself bangs, maybe you’re dealing with a mop. Either way, fall is here which means a fresh haircut is in the cards. We spoke with celebrity hairstylists across the West and East coasts to find out their most-requested fall 2020 haircuts. Think: Mid-length cuts, layers, and statement curls. Keep reading to find out which fall haircut is right for your hair type and texture, plus the right way to ask your stylist for the cut.

Shelby Samaria, @shelbysamariahair, freelance hairstylist based between New York and Paris

The cut: Right now, many of clients are coming in with very long hair post quarantine. Many of my curly hair ladies are ready for more fun shapes and cohesive volume. I have definitely taken a lot of curls dramatically shorter with fun.

How to ask your stylist for it: Ask for a mid-length or neck-length haircut—with squared layers of course for the full, bodied, and voluminous sharp curls. Especially if you want statement hair.

Works well on: This haircut is great on all textures! You’ll get very different results on tighter, more kinky curls, but overall, this cut will definitely feel like a fully shaped haircut on all textures.

Maintenance level (1=least maintenance, 10=high maintenance): I’d rate this haircut a 1 as in needing the least maintenance. If this cut is shaped properly, it’s perfect. You’ll literally have to do nothing except style the way you’re most comfortable with and apply your favorite products. This is one of those haircuts that easily becomes more parallel with your lifestyle and day-to-day regimen. No trims are necessary for 3-6 months, unless you’re using excessive heat.


Kelsey Gustovich, @kelseygusto, hairstylist at Chris McMillan Salon Beverly Hills

The cut: The hottest trending/most-requested haircut this fall is a mid-length layered cut! From grown out hair due to the quarantine, my clients' bobs that now have grown out to lobs are ready to be vamped up!

How to ask your stylist for it: When asking for this cut, ask for your length to be around mid-chest and face-framing layers starting either at the low cheekbone or below the chin with long layers throughout.

Works well on: This cut looks best on medium hair texture. This cut would also look great on curly/wavy hair. For fine hair texture, I would only do the face-framing layers and avoid layering all around.

Maintenance level (1=least maintenance, 10=high maintenance): I would rate this a 2 in styling maintenance because I really love this cut air dried! It's definitely a wash and go cut. I would rate this cut a 5 for routine trims. I would say about every 2-3 months to get a shape up.


Irinel de León, @hairinel, celebrity hairstylist based in Los Angeles

The cut: Layered curly haircut with bangs!

How to ask your stylist for it: Be sure the hairstylist knows how to work with natural textures before going to see them! You want to ask for a layered haircut to ensure you have proper body and volume so your curls don’t fall limp or flat. Ask for bangs to fit your face and natural texture. The haircut should be done on dry hair to ensure it’s being cut according to each curl pattern.

Works well on: This haircut always looks best on collarbone length hair or above the shoulders. Anyone with loose waves, curls, coily or kinky hair can get this haircut!

Maintenance level (1=least maintenance, 10=high maintenance): I would probably rate this at a 7; mainly because of the bangs maintenance when styling on a daily basis. In order to make things easier for you throughout the week, it’s important to sleep with your hair in a high pineapple, sleep on a silk pillowcase or wrap your hair in a silk scarf or bonnet to prevent frizz and prolong your curls. What I DO love about this specific style is its versatility. You could wear your hair in a pineapple (very high ponytail) and leave your bangs out for a cute change up. You could also toss in a headband or scarf to accessorize.


Alex Brown, @alexbrownhair, founder of @spacebyalexbrown

The cut: Medium length blunt cut with soft face framing!

How to ask your stylist for it: Ask for a cut that is 1-2” longer than a lob, with blunt ends and soft face-framing. Bringing in photos helps your stylist out a lot too!

Works well on: This length is honestly great for all hair types! There is enough length/weight to tame wavy/curly hair, and the blunt ends can help fine hair appear thicker.  

Maintenance level (1=least maintenance, 10=high maintenance): This haircut is very low maintenance, I’d give it a 2 or 3.  It is very easy to wash and go, but looks great straightened or with curling iron waves. It’s super universal!

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