Before bloggers disrupted the beauty industry, leading ladies from the silver screen to the runway defined and defied beauty standards. Brigitte Bardot, Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell—whoever said you need supermodel genes to get hair like theirs clearly didn’t own OUAI. Keep scrolling to see the OUAI kits that are key for creating some of the most coveted looks perfected by our favorite beauty icons.


Cindy Crawford X Get-a-OUAI Kit

Sexy soda sipping and irresistible strands to match–get the look wherever, whenever with the Get-a-OUAI Kit, a mega collection of OUAI bestsellers in jet setter travel sizes. Blast your roots with Texturizing Hair Spray for supermodel volume and throw on our heart-shaped sunnies to block haters' shade. What's inside:

  • Mini Dry Shampoo 
  • Mini Wave Spray Travel 
  • Mini Texturizing Hair Spray Travel 
  • Rose Hair & Body Oil Full Size 
  • 3 Treatment Masque Packettes 
  • Mini Repair Conditioner
  • Mini Repair Shampoo 
  • OUAI Travel Pouch
  • OUAISTED Dad Hat 
  • Limited Edition OUAI Heart Sunglasses



Naomi Campbell X Under The Blankets Kit

The only thing sleeker than Naomi's struts are her locks. Live your best soft hair, don't care life at home with the Under The Blankets Kita trio of our best hair repair treatments. Throw on a Treatment Masque while you Netflix and chill and your mane will be silky soft before it's time to snooze with a special edition Slip Eye Mask. What's inside:

  • Treatment Masque
  • Smooth Spray
  • Hair Oil
  • Slip Eye Mask




Brigitte Bardot X Under The Mistletoe Kit

Big party hair to complement your little black dress is no match for the Under The Mistletoe Kit. Amp up your volume with our never-sticky Soft Mousse then slip the Chloe + Isabel Plank Barrette from your clear clutch in for a last minute Bardot-esque bump that won't go flat when bae holds you tight. What's inside:

  • Texturizing Hair Spray
  • Wave Spray
  • Travel-sized Soft Mousse
  • Clear Envelope Clutch
  • Chloe + Isabel Plank Barrette




Kate Moss X OUAI To Go Kit

Create a cool pony à la Kate fresh off the plane. Rub in a ping pong size of Dry Shampoo Foam, add a pump of Hair Oil to ends then throw it up with a OUAI Condom Hair Tie. The OUAI To Go Kit contains:

  • Mini Dry Shampoo Foam
  • Mini Wave Spray
  • Mini Hair Oil
  • Condom Hair Ties



Cher X On My OUAI Kit

Slay sleek inches Cher style with the On My OUAI Kit, everything you need to repair, rehydrate, and refresh packed into our limited edition clear bag guaranteed to get you endless compliments. What's inside:

  • Mini Dry Shampoo
  • Mini Texturizing Hair Spray
  • Mini Smooth Spray
  • 3 Treatment Masque Packettes
  • A Limited Edition Carry-On Case


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