Clam chowder bowls, fall foliage, and a famous farmer's market—Seattle is a cozy girl's dream. Take it from Sheila Casillas, who traveled to the Pacific Northwest's Emerald City for her third time as the leaves turned brown. Ahead, the San Diego-based style and travel creator shares the city's irresistible restaurants, most Instagramable spots, and more reasons why you'll be sleepless in Seattle.

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Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum 

What inspired me to travel to Seattle's beautiful autumn season inspired me to travel there. This time of year Seattle is home to different colorful trees changing as fall passes by. This was actually my third time visiting Seattle. The flight from San Diego is about 2.5 to 3 hours depending on the weather and airline. This time around, I stayed in South Seattle, about 10 minutes from Downtown Seattle. 

The vibe in South Seattle is very calm with nice houses and beautiful trees everywhere you look. The neighborhood is safe and it has its fair share of coffee shops, bars, and restaurants. Seattle has many noteworthy parts, but my favorite would be its nature scene. Seattle is home to an amazing fall season filled with different colorful trees which adorn the vast hills and lakes. Seattle’s nature scene allows for great photography content and an earthy ambiance.

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Beauty Packing List 

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    Fashion Packing List 

    My fashion packing list consisted of fuzzy and thick knit sweaters. I purchased many from Forever 21, H&M, Zara, Express, etc. Perfect for those chilly and rainy days. My accessories like purses, jewelry, and hats, were from Lack of Color, Urban Outfitters, Call it Spring, H&M, Forever 21, Misslola. I love pairing a cute cozy outfit with a great hat. Most of my footwear and booties were provided by Lulus since I am a Lulus ambassador (they have the best booties), and the rest of my footwear was purchased from Forever 21 and Misslola. All of my boots came in handy for the rainy days and definitely kept my feet warm throughout the cooler days. I was able to pack everything in a check-in bag, a carry-on bag, and a small backpack. For fall, you will need extra space for sweaters and bulky knits.

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    The Seattle Great Wheel

    Booking the Trip

    This time around I did less research since I was more familiar with the Seattle area. Despite this, I did use Yelp and Google to search for new restaurants, leisure places, and tourist spots. In addition, I used Instagram to find the hipster spots by searching the Seattle, Washington location. I also searched the hashtags #seattlecoffee, #seattlefoodie, #seattlelife, and #seattletourist to find new spots. To book our apartment, I used the Airbnb app, and for the flight, I used my Delta Airlines sky miles account.

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    Where to Stay

    The best place to stay in Seattle is an Airbnb. Airbnb is cheaper price wise and more accurate rating wise. You get more privacy, and the experience as if you are in your own home away from home. Airbnb allows you to have a more realistic stay of Seattle and its ambiance. Some of the best areas to stay are Bellevuen east of Downtown Seattle, and Greenlaken north of Downtown Seattle. These areas, just like South Seattle, offer safe neighborhoods, beautiful nature, great dining, and a variety of socializing spots. 

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    Pike Place Market Post Alley

    Dressing the Part

    For the fall season in Seattle, it is wise to pack warm clothes since temperatures range from 30-50 degrees Fahrenheit. Nice beanies, scarves, coats, and rain boots come in handy.

    Getting Around

    The best method of transportation is to rent your own car so you can get around much easier. Rideshare options such as Lyft and Uber are also very efficient if you plan on experiencing the nightlife. These rideshare options have reasonable prices in Seattle.

    Tip for First-Timers 

    A valuable tip for first time travelers is to pay good attention to parking signs and traffic signals. Finding parking in Seattle Monday-Saturday may be somewhat challenging and confusing. So to avoid any citations, make sure to carefully read the parking signs and their restrictions.  

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    DAY 1 

    10AM For breakfast, I enjoyed a delicious Tillamook cheddar cheese and egg with mustard butter croissant (added sausage) at Brother Joe. Their signature dish is their delicious Fluffy Cakes. The fluffiness of the cakes will make you want seconds. This cozy breakfast restaurant is located in the Georgetown Neighborhood which is the oldest neighborhood in Seattle.   

    11:30AM A great outdoor place to visit is the Washington Park Arboretum at the University of Washington. This place has amazing nature views and it allows for fresh trail walks. The arboretum has great sites for pictures and picnics. The advantage is that it is about 10 minutes from Downtown Seattle and it is FREE. You will not regret visiting this wonderful spot.  

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    Left: Pike Place Chowder, Right: Molly Moon's Ice Cream

    1PM For lunch, the best option in Seattle is Pike Place Chowder where you can get a hold of their English Style Clam Chowder.  The taste is like no other, definitely the best chowder you will try. I definitely recommend getting the sourdough bread chowder bowl. The line usually wraps around outside the establishment, but don’t worry. it moves pretty fast. If you hesitate to stay and try their chowder. just look at their wall and the yearly awards they have earned for best clam chowder.  

    3PM Shopping is a must at the Public Market Center on Pike Street. You will pretty much find anything you are looking for, from flowers, jewelry, and books to shoes, clothes, and many other things at reasonable prices. This market is huge and is visited by tourists and locals alike. Taking a picture at the market sign is a must before you leave Seattle.  

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    Pike Place Market in Seattle

    5PM Even though the Original First Starbucks is a must, when in Seattle, another great option is the Storyville Coffee Pike Place which offers nice views and quality coffee. This cute coffee place has lovely décor with ample seating. I fell in love with this place because it is very cozy and even has a fireplace to warm up. I make sure to visit this cafe every time I am in Seattle. 

    7PM For dinner, I’d recommend Cactus South Lake Union which is in Northern Seattle. Cactus offers amazing gourmet Mexican dishes. They have delicious green enchiladas and a variety of gourmet tacos. Now, if you're in the mood for drinks, Cactus also offers great margaritas and other cocktails. Cactus will not disappoint you.  

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    Drinks at KneeHigh Stocking Co.

    10PM Places to go out are vast in Seattle. If you’re in the mood for a chill night, you might want to visit the Optimism Brewing Company which offers a great selection of beers. If privacy and cocktails is what you are looking for, then the Knee High Stocking Speakeasy is your go-to. This place allows for the perfect romantic night. You can find the “hidden” address to this speakeasy online. Finally, if music and partying are what you want, then head to Pioneer Square’s Box House. Here you can enjoy different DJs from different parts of the country, playing from Salsa to House Music and Top 40.  

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    The Fremont Troll

    DAY 2

    11AM Another breakfast gem in Seattle is Beecher’s Handmade Cheese. They are one of two locations in the US. I’d recommend their signature grilled cheese and tomato soup. If you have room for more food, you can indulge yourself in their exquisite mac and cheese. Believe me when I say you will not regret trying Beecher’s. You might even end up taking some of their cheese by the pound. 

    12:30PM You cannot leave Seattle without paying the Space Needle a visit. Once at the top, this attraction has an amazing 360-degree view of Seattle. In addition to amazing views, the Space Needle has a rotating glass floor you walk over and a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. 

    seattle washington space needle observation deck insiders travel guide sheila casillas ouai

    Space Needle Observation Deck

    1:30PM For lunch, the Seattle Dogs at Dog in the Park are a must. Seattle is also known for these bad boys. Their signature hot dog is the Seattle Dog which includes a grilled sausage, cream cheese, and a warm soft bun (you can add onions and grilled veggies too). At Dog in the Park, you can eat your hot dogs while enjoying Seattle’s Downtown scenery. 

    3PM The Westlake Shopping Center is the place to shop around in Seattle. Here you will find most of the top clothing brands within walking distance. The area is fairly safe and easy to get to by car or rideshare. Besides shopping, you can also find a good amount of restaurants nearby as dinner approaches.  

    ouai seattle washington travel guide sheila casillas beechers handmade cheese pizza via tribunali

    Left: Via Tribunali, Right: Beecher's Handmade Cheese 

    6PM I visited the Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum which is right next door to The Space Needle. This museum showcases the stunning studio glass art of Dale Chihuly. The whole exhibit is amazing and really inspires you to appreciate the various forms of art. There is also a whole section dedicated to showing how he began his career as an artist. Most people have seen the glass art that is showcased throughout the ceilings of The Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, but most don’t know that it is the brilliant work of Dale Chihuly. Here he showcases all of his work and ideas. Definitely a must-see! 

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    The first original Starbucks 

    8PM The best tacos in Seattle are found at Tacos Chukis. These tacos are simply amazing. Their menu ranges from tacos, mulitas, tortas, and quesadillas. They also offer different bottled beer, but their main drink is their Chukis Beer which is delicious but usually sells out. Since my first time in Seattle, Tacos Chukis has opened two more locations. Their ratings speak for themselves and they don’t disappoint.  

    10PM A great place to go out and chill is Capitol Hill. Here you will find blocks and blocks of great bars and restaurants—it all depends on what mood you are in. You can visit the Via Tribunali for some of the best woodfired pizza and quality coffee. If you're in the mood for ice cream, then Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice Cream is your place. They have endless vegan options. Capitol Hill has a spot for any mood you are in. It’s pretty much hipster town. 

    seattle washington insiders travel guide great gum wall sheila casillas ouai The Great Gum Wall in Seattle

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