OUAI Crush Amy Serrano has naturally thick, curly hair but let us tell ya': the girl knows how to do a mean flat iron wave. Here she shares her everyday hair routine, inspired by Lily Aldridge, using OUAI Hair Oil and Dry Texture Foam. Press play for Amy's easy-to-follow flat iron waves tutorial. 

  1. Wrap a micro fiber hair turban or towel around freshly-washed hair to cut dry time
  2. Distribute a quarter-size amount of Briogeo Blow Dry Heat Protectant Crème through wet hair
  3. With the T3 Cura Luxe Hair Dryer, do a rough blowout (tip: use a ventilated brush as opposed to a round brush for efficiency)
  4. Taking thick sections, use the T3 Single Pass 1" Flat Iron to create a subtle wave, waving away from the face
  5. Apply OUAI Hair Oil to ends to seal the cuticle 
  6. Massage OUAI Dry Texture Foam into roots for grit and texture

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