A wave spray that wakes up your curl and wave pattern but never makes it frizzy. Yes, she exists, and her name is OUAI Wave Spray. Vancouver fashion blogger Linds Rosso found love in a heatless place with Wave Spray when she tried a six-step beach waves routine. Watch the tutorial above for her quick, struggle-free steps to creating effortless waves, no hot tools required.

  1. On damp hair, apply OUAI Leave In Conditioner then follow up with OUAI Wave Spray near the roots and all over 
  2. Clip or hold up half of the hair to evenly distribute Wave Spray on inner and under layers
  3. Scrunch the hair from roots up and twist select pieces for added definition and less puffiness 
  4. Let hair air dry
  5. Spray OUAI Sun of a Beach Ombre Spray before stepping out in the sun for beachy highlights

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