A spa day is always a good idea—for your mind, yes, but not for your moola. Lucky for us, the same relaxing effect produced by a pricey spa package can be re-created in the comfort of your own home. With a few beauty product additions and properly-placed props, a bathroom can be made over from mundane to magical. And in the case of beautifying your babe cave, the more persnickety you are, the better. Ahead, find seven ways to transform your bathroom into bathroom goals, and imbue it with spa-like serenity.

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1. Fake It 'Til You Make It

A bathroom that doesn't boast glamorous countertops and claw foot tubs like the ones gleaming on the 'gram can still maintain the coveted bathroom goals vibe. A few high end-looking touches go a long, luxe way. Buy a pretty decorative vanity tray to arrange products on, and don't forget a glass jewelry dish for the dainty accessories. Likewise, a bathtub caddy tray takes a boring bath to bougie heights instantly.


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 2. Incorporate Candles—Or Better, Eucalyptus Leaves  

No doubt candles can teleport your senses to the Four Seasons (a few of our favorites include Diptyque and Le Feu De L'eau), but you're not relaxing like you should until you hop on the latest bath trend: Eucalyptus leaves. According to Allure, Eucalyptus is the self-care treasure trove you need to try. Why? Because the tree's leaves coupled with shower steam, exude a fresh, clean smell and create an at-home spa experience. 


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3. Stock Your Cabinet and Create Contrast

Count on products in starry-eyes-incuding packaging to turn your medicine cabinet into a shelfie-worthy shot. The trick is to create juxtaposition via bottles in varying sizes and colors. Case in point: the shelfie porn pictured above, courtesy of one Byrdie beauty editor. 


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4. Give Merch a Cameo

Monogram silk bath robe, bright-white towels, OUAI Tired Slippers? They're all major players in perfecting the at-home spa experience. Unleash your inner brand junkie and sprinkle your favorite merch around the bathroom.


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5. Insert Props Accordingly  

Adorn the vanity with VIPs (very important pieces) that match your haven's aesthetic. Everyday dainty pieces of jewelry, a cute beauty travel bag (like this Pop & Suki Makeup Case), and mane-taming must-haves (this Balmain Paris Hair Couture Gold-Plated Cutting Comb or this Aerin Beauty Large Gold-Tone Hairbrush) elevate the vibe, and not to mention make for OUAI double tap-worthy flat lays.


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6. Throw a Glossy or Good Read Into the Mix

Shelfie? Check. Senses? Stimulated. Next on the list of essentials for transforming your bathroom into a babe cave is a good read. Keep a copy of the latest Vogue or The New Yorker, or a current must-read for entrepreneurs to absorb while your hair soaks in a OUAI Treatment Masque. The finest multi-tasking happens when your pamper your beauty and brains simultaneously. 


7. Take it From the Pros

No one does a better job of transforming bathrooms at home or abroad into at-home spas than our favorite beauty brands and influencers. For endless ideas on how to do it like a pro, follow these accounts: 

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