Going through it? There’s a Pill for that. ICYMI—our Chill Pills are bath bombs filled with lush oils to transform your boring bath into a dreamy escape. Formulated with calming, hydrating and skin-clarifying ingredients, Chill Pills were made for your stressed AF moments—without gluten, silicone, parabens, phthalates, SLS & SLES, and animal testing (plus they're vegan). Here we're sharing three easy hacks for getting the most luxe at-home spa experience using OUAI body products.

ouai haircare chill pills bath bombs jasmine rose moisturizing tablet

Just Add Body Cleanser  

Chill Pills are bath bombs for grown-ups and glow-ups. Use the fizzy moisturizing tablet together with our Body Cleanser and you've just checked yourself into a five-star spa. How? Fill your bath tub with water then add a Chill Pill (the warmer the water, the faster the pill will start working). Follow up with a few drops of Body Cleanser for a super-bubbly bath. To secure the bath bag, reach for your loofah and lather up with Body Cleanser's balancing probiotics and softening rose hip oil. 

Treatment Masque and Chill

Wanna wine and relax, but still need to tend to your locks? Get the best of both worlds by Treatment Masque-ing and chill-ing. Bubble up your bath with a Chill Pill then apply Treatment Masque to damp hair. Clip up your strands and zone out. As you get a whiff of Chill Pill's Jasmine Rose scent— a light yet romantic blend of jasmine and rose—Treatment Masque's artichoke leaf extract and smart keratin will seal your hair's cuticle and leave it looking and feeling as soft as virgin hair.

Soak and Scrub

Feelin' extra dirty after that hot yoga class or just want to feel bougie for no reason? Drop a Chill Pill into your bath then whip out our deep-cleansing foaming Scalp & Body Scrub to remove the dirt and oils from skin and scalp. Let the scrub's sugar crystals gently exfoliate away the day before the lush trio of oils (jojoba seed, safflower seed and hemp seed oil) in Chill Pills sinks into your skin. When you hop out, slather on some Body Crème, our soft-whipped body crème made with cupuaçu butter and coconut oil to deeply nourish dry skin.

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