Girls with thin hair think that hot, sweaty days are the worst of their limp hair troubles, but the truth is, they’re making major mistakes in their daily hair routines everyday. To understand what products and rituals make thin hair look and feel even thinner, we asked three seasoned hair pros. Ahead, find out the three habits you should bid adieu if you have thin, flat hair.

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Mistake #1: Overwashing Your Hair

One of the most common mistake girls with thin hair types usually make is over washing and over use of products. It’s a force of habit for girls with thin hair types to frequently wash their hair, because the over use of products daily have weighed their hair down, causing it to become greasy. But the plot twist is, the more you shampoo your hair—whether using a clarifying and/or volumizing shampoo—the more drying your scalp becomes. This triggers your scalp to produce more natural oils to moisturize itself.  

Always remember: Less is more. First, to avoid over washing, switch to a silicone-free clarifying or volumizing shampoo with light moisturizing properties. I would recommend Living Proof Full Shampoo and Conditioner, but remember only to condition the ends. Get into a routine of washing every two days instead of everyday.

Then find the perfect dry shampoo for in between washes, like OUAI Super Dry Shampoo. Using dry shampoo will eliminate residue and oil buildup until your next wash day.

Change how you approach your hair. Instead of over brushing/styling your hair, which can cause your hair to appear limper and damaged, try a gentler approach using the Dyson Airwrap Styler. This styler uses powerful airflow with controlled heat to dry and style hair at the same time with no extreme heat. To top it off, I like to use the Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Body Builder to boost and secure the volume and body in the hair.

Lastly, feed your hair. I recommend trying a hair supplement to boost the nutrients in your hair from the inside out, such OUAI Thinning Hair Supplement.

—Jachelle Whiting @itsjachelle 


Mistake #2: Using Metal Or Ceramic Round Brushes

Girls with thin hair should stop blow drying with metal round brushes. They get too hot and snag the hair. All of this can cause thin hair to break and make it appear even thinner. 

I would invest in better products, and use less heat or a boar bristle brush to avoid this. 

—Erickson Arrunategui @erickinvisible


Mistake #3: Applying Products That Are Too Heavy

One common mistake I find that people with thin hair make is using products that are too heavy for their hair. 

Stop using products that are too rich and thick, especially on the scalp. By doing so, you are actually weighing down the hair resulting in it falling flat and lifeless which then makes it look dirty and oily. This is the opposite of what you they are trying to achieve. 

The first step to building volume begins in the shower! Start by using lightweight volumizing shampoo and conditioners that also have moisturizing ingredients. My favorite is R+Co’s Dallas Biotin Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner. Then make sure to blow dry your hair with a thickening spray or mousse from roots to ends, like R+Co Dallas Thickening Spray. When blowdrying, focus on lifting the roots and blowdrying the hair in the opposite direction than it falls. This will give optimal volume and hold.

—Jackie Seabrooke @jaxseabrooke


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