The blunt bob, as ubiquitous as the cool-girl haircut is, isn't the easiest haircut to maintain. If you're willing to accept the blunt bob for what it is—a high maintenance but ultra-chic haircut that requires monthly trims—we're here for it. If, on the other hand, you're a lazy girl looking to cut styling time, a low maintenance haircut to match your laid-back lifestyle is a must. Not sure what that entails? Ahead, Los Angeles Nova Arts Salon stylist Marisa Mitchell suggests three trending low maintenance haircuts according to length that allow you to wake up and walk out the door (after a little dry shampoo, of course).

If you have short hair

The most low maintenance option for short hair would be a loose, textured bob. When asking for this cut, I encourage you to bring photos of different styles that inspire you that way your stylist knows how short is "short" to you. Make sure to ask for lots of texture to avoid the "pyramid" effect (depending on the density of your hair). 


If you have medium length hair

A shag is the perfect low maintenance haircut for medium length hair. I love this modern look, and find the shorter layers to be a fun way to spice up an 'in between' lob grow out or length. When going in for a shag, ask your stylist for more movement and layers around your face. This is a great low maintenance haircut for someone with a little natural wave.


If you have long hair

Long layers are a surprisingly low maintenance haircut. To keep it as low maintenance as possible, ask for your layers to start below your chin, that way everything can still go back in a ponytail. Again, showing photos is a great way to make sure that you and your stylist are on the same page about your hair goals.

A note to your stylist

The key to a low maintenance haircut is removing the appropriate amount of weight. So it's important that your stylist understands that removing weight and thinning your hair are not the same thing. Texture and movement within a haircut are super important for a low maintenance haircut that you can wash and go and over all wear for months at a time. Also, if you've never experienced bangs before, and are looking to add them to your style, I suggest starting long with the 'Bardot' bangs or curtain bangs style. 

Styling your low maintenance haircut

The hack for styling any cool low maintenance haircut is to WASH LESS. Invest in good dry shampoo and texture spray. Let your hair air dry the day you wash it, and hit the pieces around your face with a curling iron to show off the texture/ layers. Scrunch in salt spray, and add dry shampoo each day as necessary. Brushing the dry shampoo into your root and hairline has honestly changed my life! I use a one and a quarter inch curling iron to re-set any weird pieces around my face moving in to day two or three hair.

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