Fighting the uphill battle against flat hair can be futile but when all else fails, forget not that Volumizing Hair Spray is your BFF. Hence the reason we developed the gravity-defying hair spray. Still, your mistakes in applying products the correct way may counteract the goodness of the *very* temporary voluminous results you experience from using the right products. To set your big-hair habits straight, we asked OUAI founder Jen Atkin for her pro tips to getting big, long-lasting volume the right OUAI. Ahead, discover Atkin’s 15 volumizing hair hacks for all hair types and lengths.

OUAI Volumizing Hair Spray volume hair hacks Jen Atkin

Heatless Volumizing Hacks

1. Short Hair

Spray hair with OUAI Wave Spray and scrunch pieces like an accordion, release and continue throughout the head. Let it air dry and it’ll give you the prettiest waves.

2. Mid-Length

Use silver pin clips at the roots by pinching small pieces and clipping them vertically. It will give you added volume at the roots when taken out.

3. Long

Sleeping in braids overnight to achieve the perfect waves in the morning! Apply some OUAI Wave Spray and a dab of OUAI Finishing Crème throughout then create two braids; sleep, wake up and take them out.

4. Thin/Flat

The OUAI Air Dry Foam is great for girls with fine hair, because it’s a light product that will give you those air-dried waves you’ve been dying for. Scrunch into damp hair and let hair air dry.

5. Curly/Wavy

Saturation is everything for my curly girls! Always make sure your hair is very saturated with water, like you should hear the scrunch; this is a MAJOR curly hair hack since it reduces the frizz significantly when air drying. Use the OUAI Curl Jelly with a touch of the OUAI Treatment Masque and scrunch into the hair.

6. Thick

Using a treatment mask as a base before applying product is a great trick! The moisture from the mask will help mend waves together.

OUAI Volumizing Hair Spray volume hair hacks Jen Atkin

Heat Styling Volumizing Hacks

7. Short Hair

    First, use the new OUAI Volumizing Hair Spray on your roots to create lift. Then go in with a GHD Gold Flat Iron to make random bends and waves throughout your hair for a lived-in, volumized look!

    8. Mid-Length

      Apply mousse to damp hair focusing on the root, then flip your hair and blow dry upside down with the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer to gain more volume. 

      9. Long Hair

        A trick I use to increase volume on long hair is to change the part once I'm done styling. For example, once you're done styling the hair with a middle part, flip the hair to create a side part and you'll have more volume for your part.

        10. Thin/Flat

          So for hair on the thinner side, I recommend rough drying hair 90% with your fingers then the last 10% use a Mason Pearson Boar Bristle Brush to smooth the ends.

          11. Curly/Wavy

          Using a diffuser is a must for curly/wavy girls. Use the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer with diffuser attachment and flip your head upside down for maximum volume. 

          12. Thick

          Braid your hair in 2-4 sections and use a flat iron to lightly heat up the braids. Allow the braid to cool down then once you take them out, you’re left with easy beach waves! Perfect for the girl on the go.  

          OUAI Volumizing Hair Spray volume hair hacks Jen Atkin

          13. Adjust Your Blow Dry Temperature 

          I suggest blowdrying hair with a medium temp heat instead of it turned up all the way.

          14. A Teasing Comb is Key

          Part the hair in a 1-inch horizontal section and bring the hair up vertically, then back comb the roots to create lots of volume. 

          15. What You're Doing Wrong

          • Not prepping your hair when its wet with OUAI Volume Spray. Volume Spray is all about natural-looking volume that lasts. Most other volume sprays leave your hair looking crispy and crunchy. 
          • Avoid any heavy products and stick to OUAI Super Dry Shampoo for soft volume and OUAI Texturizing Hair Spray for hold.
          • Not using products designed for creating volume. Products that lift at the root like mousse, root sprays and hairsprays will help with volumizing. 

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