'Tis the season to wear your best hair. But if you're sporting a short haircut, attempting holiday updos or waves can lead to frustration, and next thing you know, you're in a bath tub zoning out with our new bath bombs, OUAI Chill Pills. Don't worry, we got you—for our babes with pixies, bobs and lobs, we curated a roundup of 13 chic and easy hairstyles plus tips on how to recreate the looks at home using OUAI. Scroll down to find out which holiday hairstyle you'll sleigh in this year.

1. Tousled Deep Side Part Waves

Tousled and taken to new heights—this wavy, voluminous bob will start with OUAI Wave Spray on damp hair and end with a blast of OUAI Volumizing Hair Spray. For a party-ready day to night look, cluster a couple of stylized barrettes—like these Snake Skin Hair Pins from Natalie Anne and Kela Hair Jewelry—all on one side diagonally or place the same amount on each side of your head


2. 90's Clueless Blowout

A smooth, silky blowout with the ends slightly curled will make your holiday style look straight out of the Clueless Christmas party. To get the look at home, start with OUAI Leave In Conditioner on damp hair then apply OUAI Heat Protection Spray on dry hair. Our high-octane heat protectant will memorize your blowout until your next wash. Lastly, hit the ends with a 1-inch curling iron then brush everything out with a boar bristle bush for a shiny finish. Add a crystal bobby pin and bounce, babe.


3. Curly Updo

“Short haircuts can’t wear updos,” said no one ever. The trick to piling up those short little hairs? French hair pins that match your hair color or simply, bobby pins. Assemble a tiny bun at the top of your head as best you can then secure runaway strands with your pin of choice. Leave some curly fringe out front for a little character. Apply one pump of OUAI Rose Hair & Body Oil to your hand then swipe through select curls to define them.


4. Edgy Party Pixie

Pixies can get their party on too. Case in point: this edgy pixie that we broke down the steps to here. Hint: you’ll need OUAI Matte Pomade.


5. X Marks the Bob

When five minutes is all you have to style your holiday look, reach for a sparkly accessory, like these Justine Marjan x My Kitsch Classic Rhinestone Bobby Pins, and arrange in a X at the middle back of your bob. Then whip out your OUAI Finishing Crème to quiet frizz and let the gems shine through. 


6. 60's Half-Up Bouffant

We love a big, 60’s-inspired bouffant but know the struggle to get big volume at home is real. Have a bottle of OUAI Volumizing Hair Spray on hand. Thank us later.


7. Gatsby Finger Waves 

These vintage finger waves will get you in the Great Gatsby mood. The key to this glamorous style is lots of OUAI Leave In Conditioner for a smooth foundation and a couple of spritzes of OUAI Hair & Body Shine Mist.


8. Loose Contrast Curls

When your everyday loose curls could use a holiday update, pair them with a pearl-studded headband that contrasts with your hair color. But back to the curls. Curl away from the face to highlight your glam for the night then add body and texture with OUAI Texturizing Hair Spray


9. Effortless Hair Flip

Your makeup’s on point but your mane is an oily mess. What’s a girl to do? Spray OUAI Super Dry Shampoo, our most absorbing formula to suck up dirt and grease. Ingredients like volcanic minerals act as a natural cleanser and detoxifier, rice starch gobbles up grease and gives flat hair oomph plus Rhodiola rosea extract fights free radicals, helping hair look stronger and healthier. Apply OUAI Super Dry Shampoo then rub the powder into your scalp as it quickly disappears. Make it look like you actually tried with your tresses by flipping all your hair to one side. 


10. Simple But Chic Half-Up

A simple festive style doesn’t have to be boring. Pair a wavy bob with a chic hair accessory like this full moon tortoise barrette.


11. Quick Braid and Waves

If your hair is too short for a full braid, add a peek-a-boo braid near your hairline. Before braiding, swipe a dime-sized amount of OUAI Matte Pomade into your palm and rub hands together. Then start braiding. The  pomade’s kaolin clay will smooth any visible frizz and leave a piecey texture. 


12. Pearly Low Bun

For girls with thin hair who have no clue how to do their hair, perk up a low micro-bun with a stylized scrunchie like this pearl one from Morgan Lovely.



13. Velvet Bow and Textured Waves

Textured flat iron waves inspired by your favorite season, ahem, summer, call for a holiday staple: the velvet bow. After you’ve created your flat iron waves, pop in this velvet Jennifer Behr Naomie Bow Barrette.


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